Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Anyone been to Waterton lately?

Has anyone been to Waterton this week? I just checked the Avi report from the park and it has not been updated since last spring. I was in the Corbin area to look for ice and the ceiling was to low to really check the area out. I had another report from the Elkford area with the same info, really cold and couldnt see anything. This weekend might be a good one for ice as long as it warms up as promised.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tourist Routes

I believe this has been making its way around the blogosphere as of late, but in the spirit of tourist routes, I'll join in.

From Mount Huashan China
Hat tip besthike.com

Saturday, November 18, 2006

West Castle Area

Went for a sled into the west castle river valley yesterday to go climb Road of Bones 20m WI2-3, it was still running with water so we were un able to climb. Haigs Benidict 30m WI3-4 was starting to form but looked as though it was thin and covered in snow, The routes on Barnaby (dressmaker 20mWI3)(Outa time 70m WI2) are in but it is a two to three hour approach(straight up) and motivation was at an all time low. Laurie and I tried sledding up to the head of the valley to check for ice but a bridge was out and we didnt want to beat our sleds crossing the river.
Chris m

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Annual Ice Opener (4th or 5th?) Dec 16, 06

So it seems the consensus is to have the ice opener on Dec 16, 06, Quick and Dirty (if there is ice). A couple of us are probably getting together this weekend or next week to make some arrangements. If you interested in joining us, let scott whiteside know at 332-5627 or myself at 634-8756.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Wall Lake

Brett and i skied into Wall Lake yesterday. There was close to 40 cm of new snow at the gates on the parkway and Bennett Pass had 70 cm of fresh snow. It made for brutal trail breaking. The snow was pure powder up to about 1900m where i noticed a 5-10 cm soft wind slab developing. The south wind was snortin' over Akimina Ridge so that whole aspect from Wall Lake to the top end of Bennett Pass is loaded and ready to go. We watched one big avalance spill over the rock cliffs at the upper couloirs and another one break loose directly above Midnite Madness but surprisingly, that one stopped before it dumped onto the ice. That being said, the ice survived last week's warm spell and is climbable but again it needs another couple of weeks of cold weather to fill in to be decent climbing and that whole aspect needs to slide to be safe.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

High Water

Last weekend the warm weather and rain combined to do more than leak through my brand new roof! There was quite a bit of flooding among the local rivers. The Castle river reached a 6 year high. It looks like a few of the roads in Glacier have also washed out.

Check the Glacier park site for more information and pictures

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Waterton Update

Went for a hike into Lineham falls today with Aaron, no major ice yet. There was a little ice at the top of the left hand route and the right hand was free flowing with water. Excelent hike in, wish I had done it years ago. How bad do the slopes on the side of Blakiston load up or do they blow clear? Experts choice didn't have any substantial ice but its trying to form, Quick and Dirty was not even close to freezing. The warden compound gullies need a week or so of cold and they will be climbable. The slab climb on Crandale might be in but it was hard to tell due to the fresh snow fall. Kill Akisha Kill had ice but looks unconsolidated and needs time as well. I couldnt see any ice opposite of the oil well site, I cant remember the names of those climbs but I think they were in early last year.
Lets hope for cold.
Chris M

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