Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ice Picts

Here is a pic from a few days ago of Irish Dreams and a new line mixed line that looks to be in below it.

Also, here is the standard view of Sullivan's.

New House Construction

If you have driven by the townsite at all in the last year, you know there has been a flurry of new house construction, almost exclusively concentrated on Mountview Drive down by the Crandell Lodge.

For those that haven't been to Waterton in a while here are the images.

The new house about 4 down from the Crandell. A decent design. While I could be wrong, the dormers seem to be framed merely for cosmetics.

The Remmington's new place. A very nice design that works with the Park's stringent square footage restriction. Let's be thankful people aren't pushing more of those ugly A framed styles to get more volume while keeping the footprint small.

The log home adjacent to the Crandell. I can't say I am a fan of most log homes unless they are in a thick lodgepole forest. At least they kept some large trees on the lot.

There are still quite a few other houses for sale. Nothing seems to be moving. I guess the real estate boom is still bottoming out. I know in Lethbridge things are still quite overpriced. It was just a matter of time till real estate here finally settled into with the perpetuity of dual income families - its not what things are worth, its what people can pay.

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