Monday, June 27, 2005

Best Places

My cousin is writing up an article for Lethbridge Living on the best places in Southern Alberta to....

I thought I would give her a hand and try to come up with some suggestions. I know she could use a lot more.

The best place to watch the Sunset
I figured along Bellvue Ridge. From here it looks like the sun is setting at the head of the lakes. A close second would be some of the prayer circles or medicine wheels out in the prairies along the Red Rock highway. While Natives consider it sacrilegious to visit these places, they do give a certain ambiance that modern spiritualists can't resist.

Best Place to people watch
The big scoop ice cream store in Waterton is hard to beat. You can't beat the entertainment of watching reactions as kids dribble and drop their ice cream. Also, you have never seen such an odd assortment of un matched clothes as you get on Waterton tourists.

The best place to sit and think
I always got contemplative on the rock ledges beneath the PW hotel. The coll breeze, and sheltered coves made it easy to sit and think. Plus you get to hear everyone talking from across emerald bay without ever seeing them.


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