Monday, August 23, 2021

New Rock Climbing Guidebook for Southern Alberta and Waterton

 The last edition of the rock climbing guidebook (300 copies) was back in 2004.  In 2011 I put out a climbing app based guidebook that was only active for 2 years (hosting, even just an apple developer ID is expensive!)

This summer I've been compiling route updates from Ralph Eckman (Thunder Mountain), Dylan Zoratti (Goat/Bluff & Thunder), and Morgan Fines (Emerald Lake).  I've also been updating all the new Waterton routes.

After 40h+ the text updates are now done.  As soon as the route ratings get updated by Dylan, I'll get photoshop on my new computer September 10 and should start the laborious process of updating photo with new routes and route numbers.  I'll avoid perfectionism and use a few old photos just to get this thing done.

Then I should be able to add photos to a google doc for open access.  I'll host that on the Southern Alberta Alpine Club website (and here).  Then I can submit the file off to Rocky Mountain books for their processes.

So, it is looking good for the guide to come out late in the winter of this year (2021-2022).  If anyone wants to preview stuff to help out with corrections, let me know.  I still haven't decided if I should do an Alpine rock section.  I think so, but will have to see how work is this fall.



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