Thursday, December 23, 2004

Waterton Scrambling

Thailand Picts

In the last two days (22,23rd) we have had 15 - 20 cm of new snow above the townsite and 10 cms in town. The wind has not been that bad so most has stuck around. Afraid to say the skiing is pretty good at the moment. the runs off Forum lake would be pretty good I am guessing.
The cooler temps have been great for the ice. Quick and dirty is foemed up to the point of being climbable. A bit anorexic perhaps. Experts has ice but it is going to be awhile yet as it was hit real hard that last warm spell. The Buchanan ridge climbs are looking better than ever. The stuff on Vimy (NW facing) fell down three days ago. Who was going to walk that far this time of year anyhow?


At 12/24/2004 08:19:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas. I edited the link on your post Joe, I hope you don't mind. 

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