Thursday, December 09, 2004

Ice Opener Countdown

Well I haven't got my emails out like I wanted, but the opener is still on. With the large number of hits on the site the last couple of days (50+ per day), it seems like people are looking for updates.

The ice in Waterton seems to be in decent shape. Right now it seems to be in about the same as it is in most years. I will be getting to Waterton at about 9:00 to grab the BBQ and head up. Blair is carpooling and I presume will be leaving Lethbridge at 8:00 or so?

Aaron is still coming down with his tool demos, pro-deals, and raffle (buy $60 in gear plus a $5 raffle ticket).

This means things should still be informal, but hopefully if the Medicine Hat crew comes, a bit larger than previous years. Feel free to bring any non-climbing friends. It should be a goo chance to get together.

Afterwords people usually head home for a good night's rest. Those without home comitments usually head to the Kilmorey for drinks. THe hot tub at the Lodge is still open, but I am unsure of the hours.

How to help?
We need extra boots and crampons. Ice axes are pretty plentiful as we normally only get 3 or 4 ropes up at a time.


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