Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Quite a few subdivisions have been going up outside of the park in the last few years. This, despite the Nature Conservancy's rather heavy handed attempts to buy up as much park boundary land as possible.

There is Garner's Heaven On Earth Estates. There are three houses that are up, two by the river, one by the road. From what I understand there are quite a few conditions buyers have to agree to. Don't try driving the roads to have a look, access is not public. Lots are $250,000, and I hear around 6 to 8 have been sold.

Diamond Willow is located just east of the Belly River bridge. The views are great and you get a share of 40 acres at river level. There is a paved road. Lots have been going slowly siince it was first put up about 3 years ago. It looks like only 1 has been sold. Lots are about $130,000. I know there has been trouble finding well water, so one may need to be concerned with that. The front range mountains that are buried under the prairie make finding water quite difficult. On top of the bench, they have drilled well below river level, but haven't hit anything. That is likely due to an underground ridge. This means you can hit a spring 100yd away, but have nothing for yourself.

John Webster also has about 8 lots going for sale by my parent's new house just east of Diamond Willow, by the drainage of Paine Lake. These are going for $99,000. John is still digging out the ponds and prepping things. No online info is available, so perhaps I will upload a couple of shots.


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