Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nordegg Tri - Ice - Athon

Last sunday was the sixth annual Tri-Ice-Athon in Nordegg. This fun orientated ice fest is geared more towards the improvement of beginer climbers and everyone having fun, than the honoring of the cool guy pro. Three man made walls are used during saturday, all featuring different challenges and exercises. The events are scored on amount of heart put into the climb, more then the technical ability of the climber. Saturday evening was a swim suit climbing comp which was taken very seriously once the Arc'teryx coats used as prizes were unvieled. The competitors who were chosen for the finals on Sunday meet out at the cline river gallery and gave it their all on a scary looking WI4+ route, afterwards climbing clinics were held by some industry big wigs and everyone enjoyed hot chocolate and smokies.
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At 3/01/2006 07:45:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW...well this was a COMPLETE luck of the draw...I was just thinking how frustrated I was that I wasn't able to get any pictures this weekend as my battery was completely dead in my digital camera (which I only discovered when we were at the second wall on Saturday)! By the way...remember me? (Ratchet the Hatchet...haha)!

I was thinking that I might catch some of your pictures online on some sort of site that you might have created...I was remembering that you had said that you were quite a little 'shutterbug'...and I just happened upon your site with some Tri-Ice-Athon pics already posted!

Just wondering if you would be able to send along a few pics from the weekend...I had tried to convince my brother to make the trip this year as he was (at one time) into rock climbing and I was sure that he would love ice climbing as show him some pics might convince him to make the trip next year...I know I'm planning on making it to Tri-Ice-Athon 2007 :)

My friends did take some pictures of us but knowing them like I do I won't see them until next year! No worries if this is too much was nice to meet you btw!


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