Monday, March 19, 2007

Gasser conditions

Here is an update from this last weekend from Spencer Cox. Looks like things are melting fast.

Thanks Chris! Climbed the gasser today, was still "in" although melting
fast. Ice was falling off two or three different smears that were
probably in at some point, between the gasser and the next pillar to the
left (obliteration or fluffy saves the day?). A fair bit of rock and
ice fall in general as it was windy as hell. The main pillar on the
gasser was wet but still blue. We took the chicken line on the far
right, as that pillar seemed awfully stout for grade 3.. rapping down it
confirmed it would have been beyond us on lead. Anyway, wouldn't think
it would last too much longer, but for the time being, it is good to go
I suppose. The obliteration route looked pretty blue, and fat. At
least as fat as the pic on your site linked below, but also melting and wet.

Anyways, just thought I would give you a bit of a report incase you or
other southern albertans you know were heading down there.

Take it easy.


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