Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, I am 1 week into a 2.5 week trip to Icleand. I don´t have any pictures to upload as the computer I finally found doesn´t allow multiple windows. So far we have travelled the eastern side of the West Fjords, and are now in the North heading East. Things are lovely. Seeing the old sod houses has been quite an eye opener. The beds from 1850 were only about 5 feet long. I don´t think people today could even come close to fitting in those old houses.

Highlights so far you can google
-blue lagoon
-hot tub on the beach at ?dargenses?
-way too cool fjords on the Standir coast
-saw the farm of the first viking born in Newfoundland (she went across europe twice on foot - so I think word of newfoundland must have been around quite a bit more than we think) They don´t make a big deal of Lánse aux meadows here
-camping under a 300 foot waterfall on the beach on the standir coast
-seeing some amazing kayak runs coming into ?akureyrir?


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