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Height: 8,005 ft
View-o-meter: 2/5
Scrambling Difficulty: Easy
Total Trip Difficulty: Easy
Best Feature: Bertha Lake's Ampitheatre
Worst Part: Alderson seems like the real peak

The standard ascent of Bertha follows the trail up to the lake. From here follow a good trail around the north shore until you find a relatively clear spot to ascend. Usually a saddle half way around the lake seems to be the easiest. From on top of the ridge, head east along a wide ridge. A small pond is found up here. Ascending too early (ie. too far east) from the lake may mean that you have some grassy 3rd class terrain to negotiate. You're better off continuing down the lake at least 2/3 of the way and wandering up the grassy slopes.

An unusual view of Bertha Peak as seen from the rarely run ridge behind the lake (connecting Alderson to Richards). Bertha is the peak to the left. The lakes from front to back are - Bertha, Middle Waterton, Kinght's (Lower Waterton)

Non-Standard Routes

HIke up to Alderson Lake, and wander up the scree slopes to the dip. Run the ridge back east to get to Bertha. This makes a decent loop hike, however, it is much better going to Bertha first and then to Alderson (you gain more elevation on the trail, and the ascent hillside is grassy not talusy.

You can also head up the peak following the nose of the ridge directly from the townsite (or from anywhere on the lower Bertha falls trail). There is a lot of bushwacking here and no one who has gone up this way has much positive to say about it. Few have made it to the peak. Most people just want to get to the little knoll visible from the townsite.

Other Route Descriptions

Dave's Scrambling Page - A winter route description with a marked line of ascent.

Summit - A simple route description with some generic pictures

Nugara's Scrambling Page - Basic route description with some good commentary about the scenery. Good pictures. - lots of pictures of their trip. They headed further back along the lake before heading up the ridge.



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