Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blackleaf Concerncs

I got the following email from Rob Hagler, some of the active climbers in the area will know. Along with Randall Green and Jake Mergenthaler, he helped supply much of the route info for the area. Rob said he will post some follow up information as his work allows.

Basically the US Forest Service (the Rocky Mountain Ranger District) is concerned about the rapid growth in use during the summer months (all though climbers don't match the number of gun toting hunters during the fall months). As I've stressed before, the area is considered sensitive grizzly habitat, but it's also as under developed as a place could be. This is part of the draw to this area and I personally would like to see it stay this way. To this end, camping and erosion are the two biggest areas that the forest service identified as concerns from climbers. They have ticketed climbers for camping illegally, but they don't want to have to do that. They would prefer we police ourselves - It's easier for them and causes less damage. The new topo sheet explains where they would prefer to have campers. Also, we submitted a grant application today to the Access Fund. They expressed interest in helping us with some funds and want to be a part of smaller "grass-roots" project, so the chances of us receiving the grant sound pretty good. If we receive it, we plan on organizing a work day and climbing fest/competition day as well. We would graciously welcome any Albertans that would like to come down for the fun. I'll keep you posted

So basically it looks like we need to watch what we do when we camp down there. I believe the round-about by the washrooms is off limits (but I wouldn't completely trust my memory on that). Perhpas we can get ressurect the season opening tick fest and have a big work party down there.

some more info on Blackleaf


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