Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Forgotten Mt. Anderson

Mt. Anderson, named for the chief astronomer of the 1874 boundary commision has always received relatively little attention from scramblers despite its prominent position over Red Rock Canyon, and the fine ridge walk this massif contains

The north west face of the mountain is a huge challenge. The ... ummm... interesting rock may have a fair bit to do with this. The headwall is well over a thousand feet tall and vertical through out. This fact would seem to indicate that this face may have better quality rock than many of its neighbours. Unfortunately I have never been to the base to check this out.

In spring a tempting colouir can be seen from the Red Rock parking lot. However the colouir appears to end at the start of a relatively large face of dubious quality. Perhaps this is one of those mountains destined to remain a relatively untrodden but picturesque backdrop.



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