Wednesday, March 23, 2005


While this may be a bit dated, I thought I would post it anyway. This weekend (March 20)I was up the Chief Mtn. highway. We went into Sofa to have a look at the East ridge. Unfortunately the snow was a bit unstable, and I lost the trail as usuall. Hence an easy day followed.

While driving back to the town site to find out that the hot tub wasn't open until 4:00pm, I managed a quick look at Sullivans. It looks to be in good shape. With these conditions I would think that the approach up the Vimy trail would be better than heading up over Sofa.

On Buchannon Ridge, opposite the Crandell Lake pullout, a couple of easy smears have come in. They don't look very good, and require a hop across the creek. However, since they rarely come in, I am not sure if they have been done. Trap Line (or whatever it is called) isn't in. Swedish Plumbing (or whatever it is called), below the Expert's choice pullout has been in for a while. Unfortunately since the creek isn't frozen solid, you have a hard time getting to it and belaying with out getting wet.

Right now Cardston and Waterton have at least twice the snow of Lethbridge. The skiing should be pretty good. I am not sure how Quick & Dirty and Expert's Choice are doing. Neither am I sure how Jensen's resevoir is doing. I would guess it is in but thin.


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Mark and I were at Jensen's this afternoon (March 23rd) after work; it's big, fat and great ice. Fair bit of snow on it. Should be good for quite a while, pending a major heat wave.....


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