Friday, April 29, 2005

Montana Mountains

For those of you who like to explore the Glacier area, J. Gordon Edwards book on glacier scrambling is the usual resource. It is a comprehensive book, but the style is a bit dated. Also, don't expect to find many of the modern routes on there, not that there are many. has quite a bit of comprehensive information about the local peaks.

The glacier mountaineers is also quite an active group. But which peaks are best?

For experienced scramblers looking for a quick outing, try Mt. Reynolds. Hike up the large tourist trail from the Logan's Pass visitor center to the pass before Hidden Lake. While a game trail takes off to the left about 300m before the saddle, climbing the abbreviated ridge running to Reynolds is pretty fun. A good trail leads to the backside of the mountain and then up to the peak. Rockfall from others can be problematic near the base. There is only one 3rd class step around similar to Galwey.

Mt. Merrit is reported to be one of the most beautiful mountains around. The views are supposed to be fantastic. It is behind belly river lakes. There is a large glacier on top that requires snow gear.

Mt. Clevland is a popular tick. The ever improving condition of the hiker's trail on the west side has turned it into a long day hike.

Of course there are many more popular peaks in the area. While the rock isn't great for technical routes, scramblers seem to love the views.



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