Thursday, December 08, 2005

Drywood Conditions

Brett weisser and I headed into the North Drywood last Saturday. Both Fluffy and the Gasser were in, Fluffy being far too wet to climb despite the minus 20 temperatures. Brett lead the left hand side of the Gasser on very nice wettish ice. The top of the climb was very thin and rocky so we stopped about ten feet from the top. I lost a screw on the way down some how so if any one finds a blue handled express around there, I'll trade it back for a case of beer. We drove down to Waterton on our way home and checked out the Cameron Lake road climbs. QD ampitheater was looking thin but it will probably be awesome this weekend, Experts Choice was thin and mean looking but all there, the Warden gullies and slab climb were covered in snow and Kill Akisha Kill was looking skinny but doable. I get to go back to the pass and check out our ice out there this weekend and I will send in a report on monday.
Chris M


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