Monday, August 13, 2007

Mt. Harrison

Climbed the ice coulior on the North face of Mt. Harrison on Saturday with Jason Wilcox from Calgary. The conditions were stellar. A touch of fresh snow on the ice, mostly clear skies and temps hanging around 0 degrees celsius all the way to the summit made for another awesome day in the mountains. I don't remember exactly but i believe there's about 5000' of hieght gain with the summit at 11020'. The decent down the SW coulior really sucks but it's still the best way and quickest way down. We left the truck at around 5:15am and summited at 11:40 am. We took about 40 minutes for lunch and then proceeded down. We arrived back at the campsite at 5:30pm. We were in our truck and heading home at 6:00pm. It took 2 1/2 hrs to arrive back on the pavement at the Galloway sawmill just east of Jaffrey B.C. and arrived home at 11:30 pm that nite. It's not a particularily technical climb and it is a long calf burning day but well worth the effort, especially if your getting tired of the heat.
Here's the link to Jason's website:


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