Monday, January 07, 2008

Weekend ice

Climbed Quick & Dirty Saturday morning. It was probably some of the best ice conditions I've seen so far this winter. The ice was solid without being brittle and not to much water flowing off of it. In the afternoon we ran up Forum Ridge and skiied a conservative line down to Cameron Lake. The skiing was fantastic in this new powder snow the park has finally been blessed with.
On Sunday we went into Drywood. The ice wasn't great. The Gasser was quite brittle although it was all in. Land of Sandbaggers is not in and by the looks of it might not come in at all. Rainbow Caravan is in and Fluffy Saves the Day is in but very chandilered..... It looks tough.
Last year Brett and i put a couple of bolts in at the ramp just to the climbers right of where Land of Sandbaggers usually forms to rappel from. I discovered Sunday as we were trying to pull our ropes that i should have move them further to the climbers right. If you stand at the bolts and look down, about 10' or 15' below is a huge boulder. From where i unwittingly placed the hangers the natural tendancy when rappelling is to rap down on the skiers left of the boulder. The problem is, there is a horizontal slot in that side of the boulder that just nicely fits both ropes and won't allow the knot in the rope to pass over the edge of the ramp never mind passing through the slot in the boulder. So when you rap off make sure you keep your ropes on top of the boulder (which is very easy to do) otherwise you'll be soloing back up to free your ropes.


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