Sunday, February 17, 2008


Climbed at Quick and Dirty yesterday. French Kiss is really getting sun affected, especially the top third but is still very climbable. The "Pillar" has some sun affect on it but is still really good. The lower half of Pearl Necklace looks like its slowly wilting away but the upper half is in really good shape and the whole climb is actually taking protection better than it has all winter. Quick & Dirty is in excellent shape.
Talked to a couple from Calgary who climbed the lower half of the right compound gully. They said it was an awful slog in to get to the ice with all the fresh snow and although the ice looked good from the road they said that is was pretty sun affected as well. I personally would be a little concerned about playing the gullies right now with all the snow and wind Waterton has been getting lately. Just my opinion....
After reading Chris's report earlier in the week i thought we might be able to get on Kill Kiesha in the near future but all that is left of it is a wet spot on the rock.
Ran into Dexter Hale and party yesterday. They tried to slog into Experts Friday but turned around at the last open slope before the ice but were going back to try again today. Sound's like snowshoes would be in order. Dave and i are planning on heading in there tomorrow so i'll post a report tomorrow nite.
Has anybody been up to Summit Lake this winter?? Curious what the ice is like. How about the skiing??.....or how about Lineham Falls??



At 2/19/2008 11:05:00 AM , Blogger Scott Harms said...

hung my tools up since ice fest in trade for my ski's, it has been amazing! I don't think there has been this much snow for ten years. Was in whitefish this weekend and it was really good. Off piste snow is starting to settle down so with a short amount of touring from the summit should get to some really good fresh lines.


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