Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Triple Crown Challenge: - From Waterton Community Association

Here is a challenge from Locky Craig.......

Dear Community Members:

Waterton is many things to many people. All would agree that Waterton is a staging place for some of the best hiking in the Canadian Rockies. In my biased opinion our hiking is next to none. Waterton Park Inns and Resorts wishes to increase the profile of our hiking and to that end are sponsoring “The Triple Crown of Waterton”. This is a challenge to hike what we consider the big three day hikes in Waterton in the summer of 2009. The three day hikes are Crypt Lake, Alderson-Carthew Trail (the Summit) and Akamina Ridge. Yes we know that Akamina is primarily out of the Park but it really is one of our hikes and we thought a better choice (for variety reasons) than any of the other day hikes (the other choice was Red Rock-Twin Lakes-Blakiston Valley) or Vimy Ridge. If we were doing more than day hikes we would have picked the Tamarack Trail instead of Akamina.

We are having a kick –off on Saturday July 18 at Pearls. The sign up cost will be a tonnie and you must get your punch card at that time. The few and proud who complete the challenge will make the glory board at and will have the right to buy a Waterton Triple Crown t-shirt at our cost ($7.50) which will only be available to the few and proud who complete.

One of our main goals in doing this is to have a fun community based event. We hope that you will join us.”

Please give me your comments.

Locklynn T. Craig
Waymarker Hospitality
3408 - 114 Avenue S.E.
Calgary, Ab
T2Z 3V6
Cell: (403) 861-2898


At 7/22/2009 06:49:00 AM , Blogger sigob said...

I think for scramblers in good shape the challenge should be to nail all 3 in a day. Crypt is about 15km (3hr) Summit is about the same (3-4 hr) and last time I did the Akamina ridge it was about 5-6 hr - albeit with some slow going to Forum lake.

That would make things about 45km or so which puts it in good day hiking territory (Goat haunt to Many Glacier is about 50km and is usually 10h or so by a fit party)

The biggest difficulty is the crypt boat.


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