Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kishinena Peak

Height: 7,992
View-o-meter: 1/5
Scrambling Difficulty: Easy
Total Trip Difficulty: Moderate
Best Feature: No talus
Worst Part: Long hike for a treed ridge line

This minor peak sits at the head of Blue Grouse basin. An established trail heads up the South Kootenay pass just south of the peak. Other than bagging named summits there really isn't much reason to wander up this peak.

The peak is behind the foreground's ridge. The South Kootenay Pass trail heads up the forested slopes to the saddle. Kishinena Peak is to the right of the saddle.

Hike into to Blue Grouse basin either via Snowshoe cabin and twin lakes or the Blakiston Creek (South Kootenay Pass) trail. Follow the signed juntion up to South Kootenay Pass. At the summit head north through the trees and some minor deadfall. Near the top the ground opens up a bit. There is no scrambling on this summit.

As the continental divide trail and Y2Y hikes are becoming more popular, more people are walking the section of ridge that continues on up to Sage pass and the Castle valley.



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