Sunday, July 26, 2009


Height: 8,002 ft
View-o-meter: 3/5
Scrambling Difficulty: Moderate
Total Trip Difficulty: Moderately Hard
Best Feature: Rarely done
Worst Part: Round about way to the peak

Boswell is one of several rarely climbed mountains in the park. It sits in a prominent position behind Crypt Lake. There are nice views to the south to Goat Haunt Lake and to the South East toward Michewabum.

The standard approach is to hike up the Crypt Lake trail. At the lake, head up a large scree and snow slope on the south west (back right) side of the lake. Early in the season an ice axe may prove re-assuring. This is the same approach used for Crypt peak. There is some 3rd class scrambling along this route. Ledges tend to be shaley, so be forewarned.

Crypt Lake. The ascent up to the ridge ducks just under the visible snow slopes and tends right.

Once on the ridge line, follow it back to the west. The top is fairly wide, and has some short sections of broken rock that may require some easy scrambling. Follow this up to the peak. Most people head left going up Crypt peak instead. Both routes can be completed in a day, however the boat schedule tends to make this a challenge (There is an overgrown trail that runs along the Lakeshore and leads to "Wishbone" which is the rough boat dock under Vimy in the middle lake. I think there have been a few times we have taken this trail and cut across to the narrows to try and call for a canoe or debate going for a swim. Some of the old trail hands at the stables used to swim their horses across the narrows and then race up Crypt. The water there is really cold (probably near the max density which is 3.8C). One train of thought suspects is has something to do with the currents drawing water up from the bottom of the lake.

A nice alpine alternative to the back of the lake approach is the Cataflaque snow Couloir. It heads up a prominent gully on the south side of Crypt lake. Pick cool weather.



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