Sunday, July 26, 2009

Buchanan Peak

Height: 7,904 ft
View-o-meter: 2/5
Scrambling Difficulty:
Total Trip Difficulty:
Best Feature: Views into Carthew lakes
Worst Part: Doesn't feel like a real peak

Bucahanan Peak is a minor summit which lies off a spur of Buchanan ridge. The ridge has nicer views but peak baggers tend to head up here to get another check mark on their peak bagging list.

From the Waterton townsite hike up the Alderson trail. When you get to the Alderson lake fork, go right towards Carthew lakes. Somewhere near Carthew waterfall cut right across the valley to head up the scree slopes leading up to Buchanan peak. Buchanan peak is on the right, Carthew peak is on the left directly above the lakes.

From Buchanan peak you can rejoin the main ridge to the north. Looping to the right is easy (Middle and Eastern summits of Buchanan ridge). Looping to the left requires going through one band of 4th class scrambling with some very lose rock (Western summit of Buchanan ridge & Carthew Peak). VERIFY ACCURACY

Other Route Descriptions

Bob Spirko's Scrambling Page - Basic route description with some pictures.

Vern Dewit's Scrambling Page - Abbreviated route description and some pictures.



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