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Height: 7,992
View-o-meter: 3/5
Scrambling Difficulty: Easy
Total Trip Difficulty: Moderate
Best Feature: No scrambling
Worst Part: How much water did you bring?

Lineham is probably one of the easiest peaks in the Park to ascend. Difficulties are similar to Carthew Peak. This means it is even easier than the trail up Vimy! A few people incorporate an ascent of Lineham peak with Blakiston and Hawkins making for a full day ridge run coined the "Hawkins Horseshoe". However many people that try this link up also get to the Tamarack trail junction above the backside of Rowe meadows and falter in their conviction for another peak.

Lineham peak as seen from the north from Mount Hawkins

If you are just interested in heading up Lineham, take the Rowe lakes trail to Rowe Meadows. This is a fairly gentle hike which is known for its beargrass. If you have energy you can make a short detour into lower Rowe lakes before continuing up to Rowe meadows.

Lineham peak as seen from part way up the Rowe Lakes trail

From Rowe Meadows an established and marked trail sidehills up the back bowl by tending right. This gets you to a pleasant saddle above Lineham lakes. In spring be aware of snow and falling cornices from the ridge to your left. If the cornices are big and the day is warm, you may want to exercise some caution and catch the trail a little bit past this exposed terrain. We were skiing here one summer when a couple of cornices unloaded a hundred meters to our right. Luckily we had chosen to avoid that terrain for this exact reason.

From the top of the bowl, the trail continues a short distance to the west to ascend a minor high spot which is worth getting to. It gives you better views down along the Tamarack trail. Cut back east along the broad flat ridge that leads to Lineham peak. From the peak the preferred descent is a scree slide back to the Lower Rowe lakes junction. There will be a little bit of bush near the bottom to wade through.



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