Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ideal April Trips

Its Spring planning time. Our plans are for a much needed resort trip for Anne. We're looking into last minute deals down to an all-inclusive in southern Cancun: ideally a remote spot by Tolum.

However, we all need fall back plans. Our's is the Utah desert. Perhaps a trip to Vegas, but more likely than not some easy canyoneering in Zion's. However, if I really dream, here would be my other options.

  • Jarbridge & Bruneau river.  I'd probably warm up on a day trip on the Jarbridge and try the West Bruneau as a 2-3 day trip, starting above Jarbridge and seeing if I could make it to Bruneau.  I'm a sucker for new country and hiking side canyons never excites me as much as just hauling down the river.  I loved our trip down the Owyhee a few years back and the beautiful hotsprings up there.  Another link for kayakers. (Image from  I expect my trip planning would lead to an easy epic with some long days and an extra day or two.  Of course that is how I tend to enjoy things.

    • Zion's Subway.  I've done the approach, but haven't entered the canyon.  You really can't beat slot canyons.  I've never found things nearly as cold as people say.  Early April isn't too bad for true Canadians.  (Image from US National Park Service)


    At 4/17/2011 01:25:00 PM , Anonymous TravelinJones said...

    Zion and southern/western Utah got a LOT of snow in mid March. I drove by it in February and there were people overnighting in the backcountry. I returned a couple of weeks later to find over 30 inches of snow in places; the ranger said the higher elevations wouldn't be suitable for hiking or canyoneering til May due to excessive runoff. I'd never imagined a desert area could get that much snow but it pretty much ruined my entire agenda. I didn't counter snow-free conditions til I got most of the way to Phoenix.

    At 4/17/2011 04:46:00 PM , Blogger sigob said...

    Good to know. A few Christmases ago we tried to do the Angel's Crest trail, but the snow was a bit thick.

    The runoff could mean the kayaking down there is good for once. I heard they closed the virgin river through the park due to a number of incompetent parties unused to wood and other hazards

    I'm sure there are quite a few other trips that would be nice.


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