Sunday, February 03, 2013

Light Touring Skis

While I usually get made fun of at the ski hill, I actually like skiing with my light touring skis and leather 3 pin tele boots.  I guess I'm still used to the skinny ski days of the 80's/90's.  Compared to modern downhillers, my skis are definitely cross country.  However, in the 80's they would have been pretty normal.

So why do I like skiing with them?

  • super light
  • leather boots are great for cross country (which I end up doing lots with the wife and kids)
  • it keeps even easy terrain interesting
  • I like the waxless base.  While slow its nice for poaching closed terrain.  Plus it saves precious minutes when you've got young kids waiting.
  • They're fun.  Sure you don't get to speed, but then crashes are much less severe
  • Who doesn't like being old school and getting technically good without the fudge factor of modern equipment?

WIth that in mind, I found a link to a crazy pair of super light ski's (1.1kg).  - Not in my future.  I'll probably be looking for another sub $100 pair of waxless goodies so I can get my ski's back from my wife.


At 2/03/2013 10:24:00 PM , Blogger Mark Iwaasa said...

nice picture!

At 2/04/2013 08:11:00 PM , Blogger sigob said...

Always nice to poach from the pro's! : )


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