Monday, January 02, 2006

Wolf Falls?

Has anybody heard of Wolf Falls in the Crowsnest Area? Where is it? What's the length and grade? How's the approach? Can you ski the approach, or is the bushwhacking too bad? Just looking for as much info as possible.


At 1/02/2006 09:34:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


All the info on Wolf Falls is found in Josephson's book (4th ed). Never been there in Winter, but know the area from the summer: suspect skis or snowshoes handy in winter...


Posted by Brad

At 1/03/2006 05:53:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Brad. I guess I just didn't see it the first time I looked there, but I found it now. I'm familar with the area from hiking up Window, Ward, and Allison Mtns.  

Posted by Dave Stephens

At 1/24/2006 09:28:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Four of us finally went into the mysterious Wolf Falls on Sunday (Jan. 22nd). The directions in Josephson's book are quite confusing, and make it harder to find the falls than need be. In fact, the description didn't need to be so confusing -- the falls are simply almost 1/2 km straight East of Racehorse pass, and the falls are comprised of the creek that flows East from Racehorse pass -- the grid reference is roughly (from map) 11 670203E 5515594N. While we eventually found it using Josephson's directions (using the road to Window Mountain Lake, which is no longer signed), it would probably be faster and easier to just take the road North of here that goes directly to Racehorse Pass. The last few hundred meters to the falls involves a fair bit of bushwacking either way.

The falls themselves were only about 60 feet high, and seemed thin and not particularly impressive, given the walk (we skied) in. Our group decided NOT to climb the falls, as the terrain immediately the falls was on a fairly big wind-loaded 35 degree slope, that all funneled into a terrain trap, and the avy hazard was pretty high that day.

Caveat emptor!


Posted by Brad

At 1/24/2006 10:18:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any pictures? 

Posted by chris goble

At 1/24/2006 09:39:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nope -- no pictures. The falls themselves were mostly covered with spindrift, from all the wind, so none of us bothered taking any photos.

As a clarification to my previous posting, the wind-loaded slope was immediately BELOW the falls -- things looked pretty clear above. From what we could tell, there was no way to get onto the start of the climb without getting on this fairly big windloaded slope (100 m across), sitting at about 35 degrees. In normal conditions, I'm sure it would be fine, but it was full of deep, windloaded snow when we were there. I guess a person could always rap down from the top, but you can only access the top of it from the climber's right side, and we were on the would have meant a lot of farting around in deep snow, which wasn't worth it given the condition of the falls...


Posted by Brad


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