Monday, December 12, 2005

Crowsnest Report

N face Chinook (october 05)

I got the chance to go home to the Pass this weekend, all climbing plans on Friday were put on hold due to frozen water pipes in the shanty. Saturday we checked out the Gold creek climbs, which are a group of short pillars that line the side of the creek, there are also a few short falls on the creek themselves but the pools at the bottom of the pitches were open and flowing. A great place to bring a beginner. We also checked out Brian Bell sized which is on the bottom of Sentry mountain, it's a 30 -40 meter grade 2 which is usually quite thin and gives the calves a good pump. The three climbs on the west face of the Seven Sisters are in but the quality of the climbs was too hard to tell from my view point. Watch the avi hazzard on the approach and from above on those climbs. The three routes on the north face of Chinook peak have sublimated into thin streaks and there doesn't seem to be too much snow above or below them, so I dont' think the skiing in that area would be too great. We then drove up Corbin road all the way to the coal mine to check out the ski touring areas, their are lots of sled tracks on the old logging roads but not really enough for great skiing. There is a small gully filled with ice next to the Welcome To Sparwood sign it has some fun climbing for beginners, it's about 60 -70 m in length and feature very fun crazy looking ice.
Sunday on our way back to Lethbridge way stopped at Sleepy Hollow which is a little grade 2 on the 940, it is located in between km24 and km25. Stop at a pull out next to a gaurd rail and look down. either rap from trees at the top or walk around on the left or right. A really great place to bring the coleman stove, hot dogs and beer.
Chris M


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