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tracks in front of Bellevue
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Not too many people are aware of some of the history of the park. In front of Bellevue mountain (the first ridge visible on the right up the red rock highway) some mining exploration took place at the start of the Century. I believe people were looking for copper among other things. The red and green rock in the area derives it's color from different copper ions. Some trenches and other dirt piles can be seen along the prairie ridges here.

Old tracks from the Pincher road into the park can also be seen. People used to ford Pass creek just by the Golf Course, having driven up on the prairie to get into town. The hiking trail to the Buffalo paddock generally follows this old route. One can see thistles along this trail, marking the route horses used to take. (The thistles get deposited from horse droppings from feed contaminated with thistles).

In this area one can also see old travois tracks from Natives travelling up and down the valley. John Dormaar from the UofL has sent me some information on these and some of the history in the area. Later this week, I will put up some information from the boundary commissions that surveyed the border.


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