Sunday, May 25, 2008

Waterton High Water

WIth record flows on the rivers right now, it looks like it will be a high water year for Waterton Lake. 15 or 20 years ago, it seemed like the lake was regularly flooding the penisula by Farmer's bay. However it has been a while since that last happened. I believe the 95 flood was the last time the water really got high.

farmer's bay May 25, 2008

With lots of low elevation snow still hanging around, and another week of rain ahead, I would be pretty sure we will have some substantial water levels in the townsite.

The boats in the marina have gotten moved and the lake front houses are flooding as usual. I am just getting ready to move all the important boxes off the ground in my basement.


At 5/25/2008 10:12:00 PM , Blogger Nathan said...

Wow... but what's a wet basement if the paddling is good :-) We were just up to Camp Impeesa, and the water moving through that area is unreal as well. Good thing we are building our house upon a hill.

At 5/27/2008 03:26:00 PM , Blogger Beth said...

Hi Chris--I hope Rosedale stays above the fray....Beth

At 5/28/2008 09:11:00 AM , Blogger chris g said...

Nice to hear from you Beth. We'll see. Ron always does have the luck with good timing for his vacations.


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