Thursday, July 10, 2008

Guide Book Reprint

Right now the current guide book for the area is out of print.  I have posted a link to the original PDF files on my libertypages webpage, but I can't access the server due to technical problems (and my brother not having time to trouble shoot the remote access glitches).  

Here is a temporary copy of the guidebook (~100meg each)

Currently I am working on updating the existing book with new photos, new routes, more accurate descriptions (and more consensual gradings).  I am hoping to get out to the Crowsnest area in August and pick some of the local's brains (Chris M.....).  We'll see when things actually get finished.  There are always a million details to tidy up, especially if there is to be anything more than vague route locations.

This time around I would love to have some old period pictures and anecdotes.  I read an old Devil's tower guide and the 70's pictures were just too entertaining - plus they gave such a good idea how the climbing vibe has changed over the years.  So if you have any info to share.....
cgoble72 at gmail.  I am also hoping to put in some more non-climbing stories to give a feel for the changing periods.


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