Monday, June 09, 2008

For Sale

I have a 2-person Marmot mountaineering tent for sale, and wondered if you could please put this 'ad' for it up on your blog (I don't have access). The tent is in great shape, and had been very well cared for. I paid about $450 for it, but am willing to sell it for $150 (firm). Photos and specs on the tent can be found at:

It's a great tent for mountaineering/winter use, as well as some early spring/late fall backcountry use...I'm hoping I can sell it local to avoid the hassle of shipping, but if I can't sell it in the next two weeks or so, I'll just post it on the MEC gear swap, and expect it will go quickly there. If people are interested, they can call me at 329-8333, or email me at Thanks! Brad Hagen


At 6/19/2008 07:48:00 PM , Blogger Willis said...

Can you add me to the ORCKA authors list? THx Chris. hope the summer is going well.

At 6/23/2008 02:56:00 PM , Blogger chris g said...



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