Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Candlestick Maker

Jason and i went into the Ghost on Sunday and climbed Candlestick Maker. Bluebird skies and good ice made for an awesome climb. From where we parked the truck the approach was about 1hr15min to reach the grade 2 steps. We put our crampons on here and another 200m got us to the base of the grade 4 ice. It starts out steep and then rolls off to a moderate angle but it was a full 60m pitch. We hiked up the gully about another 80 to 100m to the grade 5 pillar. This was a fairly short pitch and then hike up the gully another 25m to the base of the last grade 5 pitch. The first third of this pitch is the crux of the whole climb. We climbed right out of the cave on the left hand side and straight up. It was technical dealing with the mushrooms and cauliflours but once by that it was steep but straight forward and about 50m. We were back down to the base of the grade 4 ice about 2:00pm. There are some bolted mixed pitches that we messed around on for a while and then headed out. It's an awesome climb and i'd definitely recommend it. I think I say that after every climb don't I???........



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