Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lineham Falls

Skied into Lineham Falls Saturday with Raff and Dave and climbed the left hand side.

Lots of snow on the ski in. I lost the trail a couple of times because branches that would normally be above your head were chest high so the trail tended to blend in with the rest of the bush but for the most part it was an excellent ski in. The ice was in excellent condition and is the fattest i've ever seen it. The sun was on the ice until noon and then dissappeared behind Lineham Mtn. so i would expect the ice to be good for at least another 2 weeks. There was lots of water running off it which made it hard to stay dry but the upper pitch was the best WI4 shape i've ever seen it in. At the top of the first pitch there was lots of room to get the belay way over to the right to protect the belayer from ice off the second pitch. From there you could pick a line just about anywhere across the 20m curtain and head up.

Juste Nous Deux is also in the best shape i've ever seen it in but it is starting to suffer from the effects of the sun however as of yesterday it was still very climbable.
The right hand falls is pretty well melted out on the top and doesn't look very appealing (not that it looks that appealing when it's in good shape).
The Shining is probably finished for the year as well. The bottom bit is melting but the rest of it is really bleached out. I'm not sure i'd want to get on it.
I understand there was a group headed up to Summit Lake to climb as well. I hope they post a conditions report.......i'd love to hear what it was like.



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