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Height: 8,599
View-o-meter: 3/5
Scrambling Difficulty: Easy
Total Trip Difficulty: Moderate
Best Feature: Oceans of red rock
Worst Part: Temporarily losing the trail in the Goat lake basin

Newman is a very easy peak to ascend. The only difficulties is the moderately long approach up to and past Goat Lake. Most people ascend this peak from Red Rock Canyon via the Snowshoe cabin trail and the Goat Lake turnoff. It is also pretty easy to get up Newman from the Yarrow valley.

Newman as seen from Goat Lake

Hike or bike about 5km up the Snowshoe cabin trail. Take the Goat Lake turnoff and ascend this relatively steep and hot trail to the lake. Near the campground on the north shore of the lake a trail continues up the valley's backside. As you approach the purcell lava bands be careful not to lose the trail. At the first band, it cuts back right to head up a fairly easy weakness. The trail through the talus on the backside is in pretty good shape. Once at the saddle cut right to gain the peak.

Many people link Newman with other peaks such as Avion Ridge or Spionkop, Loaf, Yarrow, Drywood, etc. The ridge that runs north of Newman makes for some very pleasant, easy ridge running. Going via Avion ridge makes a nice loop trip.

Beautiful views looking back down Goat Lake's hanging valley. The fishing is pretty good, but don't expect anything very large

The Spionkop ridge running over to Spread Eagle Mountain on the north side of the Yarrow valley. These rounded backs are typical of the ridges in this area.

Newman as seen from the east (Yarrow Valley)

Other Route Descriptions

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