Monday, March 17, 2008

Summit Lake Touring

Headed into the Summit Lake area for some turns on Saturday, and we were surprised to find awesome snow! The avalanche forecast called for travelling on sun crust and sastrugi, but we found at least 20 cms of fresh powder up top. The snowpack was very stable; the fresh snow on top tended to sluff of the icy layer below, but it was nothing to be concerned about at that time as there was no weight or substance to the sluff-alanches. We had a great time skiing from the ridge down to Cameron Lake.

On another note, on our drive in we saw that Expert's Choice has mostly fallen down. From talking to the warden, it sounds like we just missed watching it fall by about an hour. Quick & Dirty is looking pretty rotten and has a giant crack running across the climb about two thirds of the way up.

Pictures to follow soon.....



At 3/17/2008 08:31:00 PM , Blogger Blair Piggot said...

Glad to hear the skiing was good. I wonder if anyone has been into Wall Lake area recently??


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