Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yarrow - Newman - Goat Lake Ridge Walk

A friend was asking about nice camping / hiking possibilities outside the park. I sent him this information on Yarrow. This valley is immediately north of the Park. It follows a gravel shell road for a few kilometers before heading up the main valley. This is one of several ways to access the main ridge connecting the ridge behind Goat Lake to the ridge behind the front range valleys (Drywood, Spionkop, Yarrow, etc).

The most interesting piece of historical information is the old native village that was moved here when the tribe was suffering from a devastating case of small pox. Almost all the tribe died. Apparently the local bears were quite brave in picking out the corpses, not distinguishing between the dead and dying. My grandfather found some human remains along the river bank around where one would probably set up camp.



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