Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rock climbing or scrambling

On Saturday Dave Mulder and i headed to Experts to do some rock climbing. After spending Friday nite consuming numerous beers and Tequila chasers, our motivation level was rather low. The rock at Experts looked to wet to climb so i decided on the spur of the moment to scramble Bertha Peak to salvage the day. All i had was my approach shoes and both of us had light jackets. We finally left the truck at 11:10 am. Not exactly your typical alpine start. We made it to the lake at 12:20 and stopped for a quick bite. It sprinkled a little on the way up but the trail was very wet. We decided to head up the rock steps which are right above the East end of the lake. The only problem was we had a little bit of bushwacking to get to the rock steps. By the time we got through the bush we were both soaked and my shoes were filled with water. I figured we would both warm up as we climbed the rock steps which we did but we never really dried off. When we got to the hanging valley at the top we were in the clouds and i wasn't really sure where the summit was (i didn't bring my map) so we sat down for another quick bite and maybe some of this cloud would dissipate enough to see something. It didn't take long for us to chill off but the clouds did thin out a little bit. It looked to me like the peak was on the back side of the cirque which meant we would have somemore bushwacking or take a long detour around. As the clouds thinned out it started to snow and blow. I contemplated just scrambling up the shoulder we were on but as cold as we were i decided to heck with it. We would'nt be able to see anything anyways. We headed back down through the rock steps and once again through the bush just to give us another good soaking. I was sure glad when we got back to the truck. When i got home that evening i got checking my map and i realized that the shoulder we were standing on when we turned around was the peak and we were only 200 meters below the summit......Oh well, just another day in the mountains.


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