Monday, August 17, 2009

Traffic Changes I'd Like To See

Driving into the park can sometimes be frustrating. I suspect most people have gotten trapped behind some oblivious tourist doing 40kmh under the speed limit. Here is what I would like to see

Post more speed limit signs
- in particular another 80km sign going up knights hill and another 80km sign just past the Pass creek bridge. Too many people are looking at the gorgeous views of Vimy as they pass the park gate and miss the 80kmh sign. Similarly soooo many people just inch long after the Pass creek bridge. Because it is the standard deviation from the speed limit that causes accidents not just the rates above the speed limit, I think this is pretty dangerous and very easy to fix.

Signs to use pullouts
- Since the park is there for people to enjoy, I really can't complain too much about people enjoying the views. However, if you are going well under the speed limit, please use the pullouts to let others pass. It is very easy to do, and is required by the law for motor homes to do if more than 10 cars are following. Simple courtesy can go a long ways.

Similarly when people stop to look at bears deer, etc, pull over to the shoulder. I can't stand people that just slam on the breaks in the middle of the road to snap some pictures preventing anyone from getting past. If I'm a tourist in New York and stop in the middle of the road to look at the sky scrapers, what do you think people would do?

Old speed limits on Red Rock and Cameron
- Over the years the speed limit has been dropping on these roads. As a kid I can remember the speed limits were 80km. I thought this was a bit high, but it was a true maximum. A few years ago it was 60km and now its 50km. I just miss the good old days....

Passing Lanes
-I miss the passing lane going up Knights hill. I also miss the passing lane past Pass creek. Those turning lanes may make things safer, but a passing lane right there really was nice.

The stop sign at Kilmorey
I know a non-fully regulated T-intersection isn't kosher, but I don't think the extra stop sign really makes things that much better.

Loud Harleys and Trucks
I'm going to have to save a full post for these. They just destroy the whole atmosphere of the park just so some 50 something poser bikers and red neck riggers can feel cool. One of these days I wish they could get some of their own noise right back at them.


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Can you say that with a 120db rumble Nathan?


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