Friday, July 08, 2005

Mountain Challenge

Well posting has been slow as vacation and renovations have been occupying my time. It seems like this year all the trails have opened up pretty early. This has to be the earliest I have heard of people doing the Carthew Summit. In the past, it hasn't been to passable until the second week of July

Of course all this good weather means that the Mountain Challenge had better get figured out pretty soon. Since the peak baggers website has been out of action this week, and no consensus was reached on the location of the hike, I figured I would do an anti-commemoration route. As such I would propose an anti peak hike (or lake to lake hike if you prefer). The route would start at Goat Haunt, hike up to Hole in the Wall via Lake Francis, then hit Kintla lake. From here one would leave the trail, head up a slide run to get to the Nunatak behind Wall lake. At the foot of the Nunatak is the prettiest little pond (lake) I have ever seen. You can also find the trail that leads over to Bennet Pass and down to Wall Lake. I would guess the distance is about 45km. I did it quite a few years back and thought it spectacular.

Of course if this seems a bit much, the Tornado ridge walk seems like something a lot of people would love.

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