Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ice Drive By

There are a tonne of cars driving around checking out the remains of the Kilmorey. I am now one of them, so I won't say much.

Looking at Sullivan's Falls, the ice to the left looks about as fat an well formed as I have ever seen it. I elected to make dinner rather than check out Cameron. The ice line on Vimy - Irish Dreams is also very fat.

Gossip mill also has some talk about the park renovating & updating the parking and green area just south of the falls.

Kilmorey Destroyed By Fire

if the image looks a bit weird, it is horizontally inverted- I only had my webcam on me.

Just a piece of news, last night the Kilmorey Hotel caught fire and is completely destroyed. Apparently both Pincher and Waterton Fire stations responded. The Rice cabin next door was saved.

In an unrelated note, a number of decades ago a fire was set next to one of the walls of the Kilmorey. It was set during a winter storm and ended up doing no damage. Unfortunately for the person setting the fire, the storm ended and the tracks were traced back to the culprit.

Update- I updated the story after talking to my parents. My grandparents remembered things quite vividly. It is in the comments

Monday, January 19, 2009

Quick and Dirty

Recieved this from Mark Saturday evening:
Was at quick and dirty today. I thought you might want to post a couple pictures on the blog. We got there really early (0830) and made it up both pitches though the conditions were definitely on the Grade 4 end. When we rapped off it was a stream coming down and chunks were coming off. I think we will lose the Waterton climbs for a few weeks.

Mark Pijl Zieber

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jensens Reservoir

Hi Blair, Could you please put a posting up on this blog letting people know that as of today (Sunday, Jan 11th), the road into Jensen's is pretty well impassable. There are two big drifts near the lower spillway (about 1 km below the windmills) that are huge, and I would have certainly high-centered in my 4X4. I've never seen the drifts so big there. So as it is now, it's about a 30 minute walk up the road into the Jensen's ice climb. A real approach, just like a real ice climb! :) Once you're there, the ice at Jensen's is wonderful; thick and plastic - with a nice steeper line near the top on the left. Thanks, Brad Hagen

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Quick and Dirty

Just had to show these pictures. The top and bottom pictures are from Jan 05/09 and the middle one is from Jan 04/08. As of last Sunday, Pearl Necklace and Q&D were still looking pretty anemic. Pilias des Putain still has a ways to go. French Kiss is in excellent shape.

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