Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lethbridge Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

Looks like the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival is headed to Lethbridge March 22.  It will be shown at the University of Lethbridge's rather nice PE 250 conference theatre.  This festival has lots of films.  The best of the 60+ submissions will be shown.  Are there any you'd like to see?

Event time will be 7pm.  Tickets are $15 and can be purchased in advance from Awesome Adventures.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Light Touring Skis

While I usually get made fun of at the ski hill, I actually like skiing with my light touring skis and leather 3 pin tele boots.  I guess I'm still used to the skinny ski days of the 80's/90's.  Compared to modern downhillers, my skis are definitely cross country.  However, in the 80's they would have been pretty normal.

So why do I like skiing with them?

  • super light
  • leather boots are great for cross country (which I end up doing lots with the wife and kids)
  • it keeps even easy terrain interesting
  • I like the waxless base.  While slow its nice for poaching closed terrain.  Plus it saves precious minutes when you've got young kids waiting.
  • They're fun.  Sure you don't get to speed, but then crashes are much less severe
  • Who doesn't like being old school and getting technically good without the fudge factor of modern equipment?

WIth that in mind, I found a link to a crazy pair of super light ski's (1.1kg).  - Not in my future.  I'll probably be looking for another sub $100 pair of waxless goodies so I can get my ski's back from my wife.

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