Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Avalanche App

I found this free Marmot avalanche app while surfing.  Seems like it would be pretty nice.  Not sure how they'd get the altimeter to work....  Not sure if iPhone's GPS works without cell reception.  I guess it must..

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Great Paintings

I really love good mountain scenes.  While doing some final research for the Southern Alberta Climbing Guidebook app, I stumbled upon this site by artist Brenna Murray.  Some of the pictures are amazing.  I figure this is a reasonable style my mom could aspire to in her painting.  It suits her unsteady hands.

The one picture that really captured my attention was her image of Blakiston.  Check it out.

Other good sites with mountain images?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Label of Waterton Area Peaks

Here is a quick view of the named peaks visible from Mountain View area.  I know there are better versions, including the roll over features now found on Flickr.  However, I'm putting this up because I can't find any of those images quickly and need a URL for a trig activity in math class....

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Screenshots for Southern Alberta Climbing App

Here are the latest screenshots for the new guide book for waterton, crowsnest pass, drywood, and the gap

I still have to:

  • copy and edit some of the scrambling routes from this blog
  • grab some pictures and details for some of the alpine rock routes (there may not be many if I want to stick to my end of May submission deadline to the app store)
  • verify screen slides to each page
  • update some * ratings on some of the area images
  • ensure consistency in the coloring of route labelling for a few areas
  • add in GPS coordinates for most of the crags
  • do a final verification of each of the 300 or so pages  - I've got some volunteers :\  

Drywood Route Topo

Here is the last topo to climbing crags in the Waterton Area.  This topo is of Lower Drywood.

Crandell Slab Route Topo

Here is a labelled route topo for Crandell Slabs in Waterton.  This is home to some of the Park's only bolted climbs.  While they are not sport climbs, both Inland Fishery & Wavesport are entirely bolt protected.  All other labelled climbs go entirely on gear.  A few of the routes here are of a low quality.  Rock is generally sharp.

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