Friday, October 27, 2006


It's that time of the season when we start to think of the up coming ice season. If your like me, you've spent a few moments sitting in the basement looking longingly at your ice gear, spending some time with a file getting the sharp bits ready, and thinking of snow and icicles.

Last night, over a few pints, talk of this years ice opener came up.
-What date will work for most of you????? December 9 came up as a possibility
-Weather permitting, Quick and Dirty as usually??

Let's try to get some discussion going on some of this so we can try and formalize some of the details and then get the word out.......

Pic is from Dec 6,03

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Waterton Ender

Well the tourist season is coming to an end. As we approach the last offical weekend for waterton, I am reminded of the time of the year that I like the best. When everyone else leaves the Park! The wife and I headed up last weekend for a short hike, as that's all we can do right now. As per the picture below, we have to limit our strenous activity.

We hiked the trail along Cameron Lake and were flooded with heavy traffic. I so prefer the longer, but more enjoyable ski along or across the lake in winter. We still run into people, but for some reason, it just seems better.

I welcome the fall and winter this season. May all your Waterton trips be solitary and soul searching as we head towards 2007.

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