Saturday, December 16, 2006

Waterton Ice Festival

The ice was in good shape on Saturday. While the main climb at quick and dirty was a bit thin and poorly bonded in the morning, when the sun came out, the ice turned fabulous. A number of thin lines are formed off to the right. The deviant is climable. The curtain on top is in pretty good shape. I was eyeing a new mixed line to its right, but someone else will have to do it.

It was a pretty small showing. Blair, Alexis, Gord and myself were the only ones there. I think conditions in Lethbridge must have scared off the rest of the people. A few others went skiing at West Castle to try out the new terrain, and a few others went to Drywood for the superb conditions there.

I will see about posting pictures in a day or so.

4x4 just before the hairpin before quick and dirty is in. Also the right hand climb between Expert's and Quick and Dirty is also in - Malboro man I think. (I can never remember if that is the left or right one though!)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Canmore Ice Fest

Lots of fun at the Canmore ice fest this past weekend. Thursday night was the indoor mixed climbing comp, very fun but I got slaughtered (dfl), Friday night was a slid show by a few promenent climbers (I didnt make the show), Saturday was an outdoor mixed climbing comp and Sunday was the speed climbing event. There were reps from black diamond, petzel charlet and a few other companies, letting every one try out all of the new gear.
I'll try and upload the pictures later, it's not working at the moment.
Chris M

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Quick & Dirty

Brett and i drove by Quick & Dirty today. It's still in and still climbable but it's already starting to suffer from the effects of this chinook that's moving in and it looks like the chinook is going to last all week. I hope it's still in for this weekend.........

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