Thursday, June 12, 2014

Waterton Rock Climbing Guidebook

As many of you know, I decided not to make a print version of the guidebook until I can update it with the Medicine Hat Club's excellent crag development at the Gap.

In the interim I made an iPhone app through Seattle Clouds.  Hosting fees and Apple Developer fees were costing about 300 a year.  Plus Seattle Clouds were double billing me for about 6 months, and when I inquired about it, instead of fixing the problem, they just cancelled the account.  As a result the app is offline for now.

With the addition of several new fully bolted routes on the Hump, I thought I should post basic details of the local climbs.  So here is the text version of the guide (no alpine stuff like was in the app).  There is also a number of area pictures.  Each route doesn't have it's own picture, but this should suffice for getting people around.  Area images of the Hump don't have grade modifications and new routes on them.

10 meg zip file.


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