Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Park Roads- UPDATE - Cameron is now open

I just heard Red Rock is closing after this weekend. I don't think things have been cold enough for any of the rarely climbed Red Rock canyon seeps to freeze up. The Cameron highway is still closed as the new cement curbs are taking a while. I don't have any ideas on when in November things will open up.

As for alpine routes, there may be some new ones down in Glacier. I don't think anyone ever made it up Sinopah.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yes, the game is on!!!

Jason and i climbed R&D yesterday. Thin but protectable. A couple of guys on Ranger Falls and two more on Blade & Chalice. First Blood is in but nobody on it. Hopefully it cools back down this week. The chinook blowing through isn't doing the ice any good.
By the looks of Amiee's pictures, Midnite Madness would be ready in a couple of weeks if it stays cool. To bad we have to wait until sometime in November.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Castle Ice

A little ice climb behind Castle mnt. ski hill is starting to fill out, its called Haigs Benedict WI3 30-40m. It was first climbed a few years back by Connie Amuluxnsen and Rod Bullock, I went back mid winter one year with Connie and our friend Tom to climb the route, and I would recomend hitting this one early season due to the fact that the north face of mount Haig is like the dark side of the moon, (cold, lame and windy). There is some avi hazard on the aproach below the climb and you have to cross the ski area boundry to access the climb which is frowned upon.

Infact I dont know if we are allowed to wander back there in the fall either so keep it low key.

Aarron D. was back in the South Castle area chasing sheep and noted that Blue Angel , Lucifer and the Redeemer had formed but not enough to climb. I'm sure the warm weather this weekend may wreck everything for a few weeks.

If anyone needs a climbing partner this fall, I am officially unemployed and my wife is at school all week so gimme a call. Chris M 563 0480

Thursday, October 16, 2008

John Bachar - Reel Rock film fest

John Bachar will be presenting at the
REEL ROCK Film Tour at the Plaza Theatre, Sunday, October 26th at 6:30PM
Kensington Road Calgary
Tickets are $15

More details from Spirit West 1210 11th Ave SW, Calgary
403 266 6472

Monday, October 13, 2008

Akamina Ice

Went for a hike on Saturday to Wall Lake. It was COLD up there, and there was some nice looking ice coming into shape up there. As well there was only 2-3 cms of fresh snow. While Expert's Choice and Quick and Dirty are much lower, they are also seeing some freezing temps. I've attached a few's too bad we won't be able to get up the road to climb them for a while!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cameron Road Closed

I just read in the paper that the Akamina Highway is closed starting Oct 13.  They say it should be open some time in November.  They have been working on putting in some cement shoulders and re-enforcing the hair pin turn where the drunk kids drove off a number of years ago (and successfully sued the park!).

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