Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Living among Greenery is Healthy

There is a nice article from a few months ago in new scientist outlining the evidence that living amongst greenery is healthy on a variety of fronts.  Same article was quite emphatic that average people living in a city - despite the usual increase in consumerism - have a much lower environmental impact that average people living in the country.

Waterton Web Cam

I get tonnes of hits on this blog from people looking for Waterton's webcam. - Update March 2011 - There final is one -

The other week I thought I would poke around for some free webcam publishing software. I tried evocam as its email function was supposed to enable auto-posting to your blog. It didn't work.

With a minute or two to spare tonight I think I found a solution. Use camspinner, save the file to a public dropbox account adjust the save rate to 1 file every 15 minutes.  Then, all I need to do is have a permanent link to this image on the sidebar of the blog.  Dropbox autopublishes, and camspinner allows you to specify where the file is saved.  It automatically overwrites filenames, so there is really nothing fancy, complicated or involved about publishing your own webcam.

It will be two weeks till I'm next in waterton.  I'll pull out an old G3 laptop, plug in a firewire isight camera and see if I can get a half decent view down the lake.  The view won't be great (no windows directly face south), but I'll start somewhere.

Look for this in about 2 weeks.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Children's Music

Last summer we saw a great concert with John Wort Hannam.  During that concert he did a great cover of a Washboard Hank children song - well sort of a children's song - as long as your child can't really understand anything that is said....  A bit more speed and rhythm and it is actually pretty catchy.  Fast forward about a 30s to get to the song.  I was finally able to find it on youtube.

Sort of reminds me of the Charlie Waffles episode on Two and a Half Men.

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